People who know me, know that I love unicorns. I have a massive collection of them and it's still growing. For me having toys, unicorns in particular in my room and surrounding myself in happiness has always really lifted my mood. My room is a sanctuary filled with things that make me smile. Most of the unicorns I have were given to me, some of them by people who had only known me for a short time. I look around at all of them and I always have a massive smile on my face plus a warm fuzzy feeling. I wanted others to experience this feeling and to look at my art and smile and even better, have a laugh! There are so many people out there that can draw animals, most of them are truely amazing! I wanted a point of difference, something that represented me, who I am, what makes me smile and laugh. I hope that my drawings put a smile on your face, give you a giggle and make you feel happy, even if it's fleeting. You are amazing and to everyone who supports me, I'm truely grateful always.

x Jenna Karl