New Zealand based artist


Hello and welcome. I am older, oldish, old enough at the ripe old age of 32 and I’ve been painting, drawing and creating since I was younger, youngish, young enough. I come from a very talented family so they are entirely to blame for my life choices.


It took me 30 years to find out what my style is BUT! I got there in the end (until I change my mind of course). I wanted to be a vet when I was younger but it turns out cutting into animals is intensely nauseating so I decided to draw them instead. YOUR PETS ARE SAFE! I love water coloured pencils and all coloured pencils so they are my main tool of the trade. I also dig acrylic paint and my bigger pieces are all created with acrylics.


Now what would a piece of art be without glitter and a unicorn horn? I get asked a lot why I add a horn to all the animals I draw and to be honest it makes me laugh, it makes others laugh and I maybe slightly obsessed with unicorns.


Not sure how it started but I have over 100 unicorns and unicorn related items, maybe more now! I’ve only ever purchased 4 unicorn items for myself so I am convinced people think I am a unicorn…. and what kind of unicorn would I be if I wasn’t constantly covered in glitter??


So, I have found my style, my glitter and my horns. Have a look at some of my horny animals (see, funny huh?) and if you like what you see send me a nice email, comment, share, tell your Mum or whatever takes your fancy. If you hate everything then I am very sorry as you are no longer awesome by association but have a lovely day anyway.


I’d throw some glitter at you but this virtual world has me cornered again so much love and thanks for your support.



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